PermaTherm cares for the environment and is committed to energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental responsibility. Our commitment to the environment manifests in the products and services we offer our customers.

PermaTherm delivers:

  • Insulated metal panels made of recycled content
  • Steel skinned panels comprised of recycled steel
  • Up to 30% of our new steel coils are created from recycled materials

There is very little in manufacturing waste at PermaTherm. PermaTherm’s Expanded Polystyrene insulating cores are highly recyclable. Our excess expanded polystyrene material is either repurposed in manufacturing into other foam products or compacted and resold into the plastics market for use in other plastics manufacturing products.

Additionally, all of our manufacturing scrap steel is either fabricated into other products or carefully recaptured for recycling.

Energy Consumption and R-Value

PermaTherm insulated panels focus on the importance of R-value. The higher and more stable the R-value, the lower energy consumption (and costs) will be, creating a lesser impact on the environment. Moreover, our panels are free of artificial agents that initially increase R-value but deteriorate over time, meaning that energy cost and consumption remain consistent.

Safe Environments and Air Quality

PermaTherm panels produce the highest performance level, plus low emissions, for volatile compound emissions from construction materials. The same attribute of stable R-values discussed above, combined with a panel that offers no off-gassing after manufacturing, affords high indoor air quality, as well. PermaTherm insulated panels are the only insulated panels that have met UL’s Green Guard Gold Certification. 

Greenguard Gold Certified
NSF International