PermaTherm is known for high-quality insulated metal panels used in a broad range of construction applications.  PermaTherm IMPs are perhaps, however, most frequently used for customized, high-performance walk-in coolers. Over the last 30+ years, we have helped customers complete thousands of customized cold storage projects.

Permatherm panels offer design flexibility, manufactured to be assembled on site. We find that walk-in cooler spaces are often unique and simply will not accept a pre-made cooler box.  Our insulated metal panel systems allow customers the ability to adapt a space for a customized cooler solution that fits in with their business plans and processes. No matter the scale of your project, we want to supply customizable panels to fit the needs of your new walk-in cooler project.

What is a Walk-In Cooler?

A walk-in cooler is often thought of as restaurant-sized refrigerator with the purpose of keeping a lower temperature and having a controlled indoor climate. However, there are diverse sizes, shapes, and facility requirements for walk-in coolers. Because many coolers are quite large in terms of scale, PermaTherm offers a more customized approach.

Most often, coolers range from low temperature settings that are above the freezing point to temperatures in the 50’s. However, some vegetable processing facilities, fruit storage spaces, or spice rooms use higher temperatures which may be more suitable for the longevity of their product. In all instances, PermaTherm recommends R-values customized for the needs of each customer. Combine that with easy adaptability and customized solutions for your space, and PermaTherm can deliver a panel product to suit whatever your needs maybe.

PermaTherm Walk-In Cooler

Cold Storage and Cold Room Applications

PermaTherm insulated metal panels for walk-in coolers have been manufactured for the following applications:

  • Produce cleaning, prepping, and processing rooms
  • Meat, dairy, or seafood handling and storage
  • Industrial kitchens and food retail corporations
  • Supermarkets and farmer’s markets
  • Breweries, distilleries, wineries, and other beverage processors
  • Warehouse storage for lab testing and pharmaceuticals
  • Indoor hydroponic farms
  • Controlled environments for growing plants indoors
  • Indoor flower markets and clipped-stem walk-in coolers

The application possibilities are endless. Most of our customers have specific construction challenges for unusual spaces or processes, so our panels are designed to accommodate any application. Together we can create a space that meets your exact specifications.

Walk-In Cooler Panels

Whether you are constructing a large warehouse or a smaller walk-in cooler or freezer, PermaTherm is equipped to provide you with a product capable of withstanding tough environmental factors. Made with expanded polystyrene (EPS) cores, our panels assure R-values that will never deteriorate over time. Additionally, PermaTherm Panels offer the lowest cost per-inch of R-value on the market.

Our panels are:

  • Strong, lightweight, easy to install
  • Simple to clean and washdown
  • Customizable to fit your project
  • Made with USDA approved paint finishes
  • Energy efficient and environmentally sustainable

Food Preservation, Production, and Processing

For over 30 years we have been part of America’s food supply chain, spending countless hours with our customers designing, developing, and improving our products. We pride ourselves on delivering high-performance products that produce efficient and effective processing facilities for numerous food processors around the country.

We understand the vital importance of maintaining a stable environment that ensures the health and quality of your product. As your cold goods move from warehouse to market, special care must be taken to guarantee peak freshness and flavor.

We understand the complex construction needs that a successful food industry producer requires. If you are a producer of dairy, meats, seafood, poultry, eggs, fruits and vegetables, or beverages we can provide you with solutions every step of the way.

Walk-In Cooler Panels

Walk-In Cooler Expansion, Additions, and Renovations

Walk-in cooler additions and expansions call for cooler panels and installations that must be customized to fit an already-existing structure.

Recent trends have seen an expansion in upcycling existing structures to suit their needs instead of creating an entirely new structure from the ground up. We love the opportunity to partner modern engineering with architectural history. No matter the circumstances surrounding your addition, we can equip you with:

  • partition walls
  • expansion walls
  • walkable ceilings
  • suspended ceilings
  • underfloor insulation
  • and more!

Walk-In Cooler Installation

Once you place your panel order you will also receive all the accessories, crafted in our plant right alongside our panels. We provide specific packages that pair fasteners, attachments, trim elements, and adhesives for your project. We believe that attention to detail is what sets our PermaTherm panel packages apart from the competition.

It is equally important that you or your installer understand how these elements work together to complete your project. Our purpose is to help with that, too. PermaTherm will offer advice and guidance regarding best installation practices. The following is the base trim and accessories package that is included when you purchase your panels:

Walk-In Room Parts and Accessories

  1. 16 Gauge Base Channel
  2. 26 Gauge Inside Angle
  3. 26 Gauge Outside Angle
  4. Exterior Perimeter Drip Edge Base Flashing (For exterior walls only)
  5. “Handy Foam” Foam System
  6. FSI Non-Skinning Butyl Caulk
  7. Panel Screws
  8. 10 Gauge Galvanized Splines (Exterior Walls Only)
  9. Girt Clips (Exterior Walls Only)
  10. “Peel and Seal Seam” Seal Tape
  11. Aluminum Tee-Bar (Ceiling Applications)
  12. Tee-Bar Connection Kit (Ceiling Applications)
  13. 26 Gauge Flat Batten (Ceiling Applications)
  14. Interior Wall Drip Edge Base Flashing (Grow Room Applications Only)

Walk-In Cooler Referral Network

In addition to our products, we can also provide you with references, referrals, advice, guidance, cost estimations, and anything else needed to produce a well-developed understanding of your facility. We understand the complications involved with creating a controlled environment and our goal is to alleviate any unnecessary difficulties in the process.