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PermaTherm insulated metal panels can be crafted in a variety of colors and can help add a distinctive look. There are some considerations with color. The bulk of Permatherm’s panels are created with a Polar white finish as it the best performing color combination for thermal reflectivity and likewise thermal performance. Polar white also delivers the best light reflectivity minimizing interior lighting needs and industrial applications. Polar white is the industry standard and, as a result, we continually stock Polar White.

PermaTherm does not recommend dark colors with high potential for solar heat gain on the exterior surfaces of coolers or freezers.

Custom color paint systems can be applied to set your facility apart. Any custom choices require more lead times as the colors need to be applied during the coating process and may increase costs based on the colors selected and the amount of material required.

With over 30 years of experience serving customers with insulated metal panels, we want our customers to be happy. If you want a custom color, we can make it happen. A PermaTherm team member is just a phone call away with any questions you may have regarding color selections. We are here for you and your future facility!


PermaTherm Metal Paint Colors


To view the variety of paint selection, please see our brand-specific downloadable brochures.

Give us a call to ask any questions regarding color choices. We are here to help guide you through your construction journey.