Grow Room Design for Hydroponic Farms

Consumerism is rapidly changing – a study in 2020 revealed that 65% of consumers are searching for sustainably produced products. Concerns like climate change and increased urbanization lead many customers to seek alternatives to commercially sun grown vegetables and fruits. As consumers demand eco-friendlier food options, farmers find themselves exploring greener substitutes to traditional farming.

Hydroponic farms and indoor vertical farms offer a socially responsible and profitable alternative to traditional farming methods.

As greener options trend, cultivators, hydroponic farmers, and business owners are constantly researching the best building products for industrial greenhouses. Crops that thrive in a controlled environment benefit from selecting insulated metal panel walls and ceilings  that help owners optimize hydration, nutrients, and lighting while minimizing water and energy consumption.

PermaTherm has been refining solutions for the hydroponic farm industry since 2013. Through years of investing in research and development to improve insulated panel and paint systems for safe and successful grow room designs, PermaTherm has helped cultivators and hydroponic farmers reduce their environmental impact while constructing a productive facility.

Growing in an Industrial Greenhouse

If you are familiar with the complications of indoor growing with a hydroponic farm, you are aware that accumulator plants, like hemp and its cousins, absorb and store contaminants from their surroundings. Accumulator plants are natural air purifiers.  Their biological imperative is to help remove potential toxins from the environment. While fantastic for the environment, this hard-wired task in their DNA becomes a problem when a plant is cultivated for public consumption.

grow room designTo produce a healthy crop, your hydroponic farm and grow room designs should feature toxin-free construction materials. Many building materials produce harmful compounds that can be hazardous to the air quality in an industrial greenhouse. For hydroponic farms, it’s critical to choose construction materials that protect your harvest.

Featuring Underwriter Laboratories GREENGUARD Gold Accreditation and USDA approved paint systems PermaTherm panels will not off-gas. Using PermaTherm panels, your consumable plants will be safely surrounded, assisting you in providing crops to your customers from a clean, eco-friendly, hydroponic farm.