Food Processing and Storage Facilities

Wesley Broussard, a contractor from Louisiana, called PermaTherm last May looking for project guidance on a new crawfish processing plant outside of Lake Charles. Wes was familiar with insulated metal panels but was new to PermaTherm. He was searching for supplier that met several specific criteria.

Wes was searching for:

a) Fast, easy access to a panel expert – someone that could take his calls quickly and even come out for an onsite consultation
b) A product that would be simple for his team to install without complicated training
c) Panels that were made in America

PermaTherm was able to step in and help Wes through his entire project. From the cleaning rooms, to the cooler, to the 4800 sq. ft. freezer, PermaTherm was able to deliver everything Wes needed to complete the processing plant.


Cold Storage Contractor

Looking for Something Different?

PermaTherm panels are the perfect solution for storing room temperature items, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, artwork and film, technology items, and more!

Indoor Cultivation
Indoor Hydroponic Room

Cultivation and Grow Rooms

Jason Mitcham was a general contractor out of Wakefield, Massachusetts hired to construct an indoor grow room expansion when he called looking for panel pricing. The cultivation company’s owner wanted a solution that wouldn’t slow down production, and Jason needed a budget-friendly, easy-to-install product from a supplier with quick turn-around time.

By working directly with one of PermaTherm’s expert panel consultants, Jason learned that PermaTherm products have an edge over the competition. From our quick quoting model, to our easy installation process, PermaTherm helps contractor’s complete projects 3x faster. Between PermaTherm’s speedy process, high-quality product, and project consultation services Jason was able to complete the job under budget and early.