Grow Rooms, Hydroponic Farms and Indoor Farming 

Consistently expanding year over year, and with new states opening their markets every day, the indoor growing and indoor farming industry reaching 32.3 billion in 2020, with vertical farming on its own estimated to be worth “7.3 billion by 2025,” (NASA, 2021).  As indoor growers and hydroponic farmers continue to enlarge their operations, they concentrate on features like straightforward installation, easy to clean walls, energy efficiency, and plant security. 

A credible insulated metal panel manufacturer and IMP consultant will be knowledgeable about: 

  • Natural threats to the environment and plants, including mold, powdery mildew, and spider mites 
  • Thermal complications and insulation strategies necessary for producing quality crops 
  • Best practices and products for indoor grow room construction 

PermaTherm has designed and manufactured grow room wall panels to be the most effective solution for your grow facility. Backed by the UL GREENGUARD Gold listing and NSF food-safe certifications, PermaTherm IMPs are manufactured to deliver a successful and profitable controlled environment. 

IMPs for Grow Rooms & Vertical Hydroponics

By providing an insulated metal panel that meets the licensing and certification requirements for indoor farming, PermaTherm’s IMPs are the ideal companion for indoor growing facilities, providing stable environments for: 

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Indoor Growing with PermaTherm 

PermaTherm understands that it is critical to remove contamination from indoor grow rooms. Plants in a grow room are living, breathing things, vulnerable to the air around them. Certain plants are especially susceptible to absorbing and storing toxins from their environment. An expert panel consultant will be able to walk you through best construction practices for sealing your sensitive environment.  

Featuring an air-tight, water-tight, impenetrable Z-lock connection, PermaTherm panels help protect an indoor growing facility against contamination and insect infestation. PermaTherm IMPs provide a hermetically sealed environment, protecting your indoor farming business for the long-term.  

PermaTherm’s GREENGUARD Gold certification ensures that your indoor grow room panels will not create off-gassing. To learn more about PermaTherm’s GREENGUARD Gold Certification click here. 

Whether you are beginning a 15,000 sq. ft. grow room or breaking ground on a 50,000 sq. ft. indoor growing facility, a PermaTherm panel consultant can provide you with guidance throughout the construction process. PermaTherm’s goal is to streamline the build out of your indoor growing facility – so that you can succeed with a productive and profitable controlled cultivation environment.