building a cold storage facility

When building cold storage facilities and/or cold storage rooms, the proper building materials are key to creating an envelope that lasts. Simply put, regardless of your product, you need to get it cold and keep it cold. These are obvious needs as they keep your product protected and your operation running smoothly, but in many cases, the insulation of your cold storage facility is regulated by the Department of Energy (DOE). This means the standard of your current insulation, and its continued performance are key to keeping you out of trouble and avoiding penalty fees.

Using Cool Room Panels in Your Cold Storage Facility

If you are building cold storage facilities or cold storage rooms, we would highly recommend the use of cool room panels such as our insulated metal panels. These play several important roles in the initial construction and continued upkeep of your project.

First, these are structural components to your bill of materials. Unlike foam insulation or other alternatives, these are additive to the support and frame of your cold storage room. By avoiding the added cost of this support and knocking out two birds with one stone, you can actually reduce the cost of your project.

Second, unlike alternatives to insulation, our cool room panels have an R-Value that maintains. This means that the insulation you expect during installation is the same over time.

Third, our panels are equipped with factory-notching PermaShield technology, which prevents moisture from making its way into your cold storage facility – preventing ice or mold – or cool air from escaping. This is extremely important for the longevity of your cold storage facility, the management of your overhead costs, and the protection of your product.

Fourth, our insulated metal panels have no nutritional value. This may seem strange to say, but it is actually particularly important. Insects, rodents, and birds will not attempt to consume anything that has no nutritional value. Because of this, your cold storage room is less likely to experience damage from these curious and hungry critters.

Building a Cold Storage Facility?

With our panel consultants, you have access to over 30 years of experience and over 10,000 completed cold rooms. Choosing the right cool room panel system, the right insulated metal panel supplier, and the right project team is crucial for constructing a successful cold storage facility.

When it comes to low-temperature applications for food processing, preservation, and distribution, an understanding of harsh environmental conditions is critical. Carefully designed cold storage insulation systems are a requirement for creating a space that performs.

Working with PermaTherm to Build a Cold Storage Room with Cool Room Panels

PermaTherm has delivered cold storage envelopes that have been performed for over 30 years. Our insulated metal panels are cost-effective and are field-proven to withstand the harsh environments and uses of cold storage facilities. PermaTherm’s IMPs are customized for higher performance and capable of withstanding extreme weather and operating environments within cold rooms.

Our team of experts is available to provide answers to any questions you may have about building cold storage facilities. Reach out to our team at 706-623-0530 or go to our contact page to get the conversation started.