A Perfect Pair: NSF Certification and PermaTherm Insulated Metal Panels

PermaTherm, Inc. announced the receipt of the NSF International certification this week. This new safety listing with NSF International asserts that PermaTherm’s insulated metal panels are guaranteed to not pollute food, water, or consumable goods, making it the ideal cold storage foodPermaTherm Insulated Panel NSF Certification safety solution for food production and distribution facilities.

“PermaTherm is proud to include the NSF International listing to our record of certifications,” says Keith DeVore, President at PermaTherm. “As a key player in the food industry for over 30 years, we are pleased to further demonstrate the safety and security of our products. Adding the NSF listing to our line opens PermaTherm products to a larger audience, including large retailers and food distributors looking to serve their drive-thru and delivery customers.”

An NSF International certification:

  • Provides assurance that a product was impartially reviewed to established standards or guidelines
  • Confirms that product labeling and claims have been objectively verified by a trusted third party
  • Demonstrates an organizations’ commitment to quality, compliance, food safety, and environmental sustainability
  • Differentiates a product from the competition, offering a market advantage

For for more information about PermaTherm products, read more at www.permatherm.net.