Building Grow Rooms with Insulated Metal Panels

The indoor growing and indoor farming industry is set to reach 94.1 million by 2030, so it is no surprise that more and more organizations are looking to build grow rooms with insulated metal panels. As these indoor growers and hydroponic farmers continue to enlarge their operations, they concentrate on features like straightforward installation, easy-to-clean walls, energy efficiency, and plant security.

Why You Should Build Your Indoor Grow Room with Insulated Panels 

When looking to create a carefully controlled environment for whatever you are growing, you likely expect to invest the lion’s share of your operational costs in the energy and equipment needed for this environment. However, the insulation of your grow room plays a significant role in reducing these costs and maintaining these plant-perfect conditions. 

By building your grow rooms with insulated metal panels, you help ensure a tight seal, what we refer to as an envelope, that keeps the moisture and temperature in, or out, depending on your needs.  

When you limit moisture slipping in between cracks, you also limit the chance for mold to develop, a crucial aspect of any growing operation.

Building Grow Rooms?

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Building Your Grow Room with PermaTherm 

PermaTherm has designed and manufactured grow room wall panels to be the most effective solution for your grow facility. Backed by the UL GREENGUARD Gold listing and NSF food-safe certifications, our insulated metal panels are manufactured to deliver a safe, efficient, and controlled environment. 

Our team of experts understands that it is critical to remove contamination from indoor grow rooms. Plants in a grow room are living, breathing things, vulnerable to the air around them. 

Featuring an air-tight, water-tight, impenetrable Z-lock connection, PermaTherm panels help protect an indoor growing facility against contamination and insect infestation. Our panels provide a hermetically sealed environment, protecting your indoor farming business for the long term. 

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