Insulating Your Beverage Facility

Like food processing building projects, insulating your beverage manufacturing facility requires materials that are safe for processing consumables. Breweries, distilleries, and bottling plants require an insulation product that is food-safe and easy to clean. In addition to food safety, beverage manufacturing plants need an efficient insulation solution.

They frequently utilize multiple cold rooms and coolers throughout the processing of their products. Whether retrofitting an existing structure or creating a new bottling plant from the ground up, efficiency is critical when several rooms expend high levels of energy. For a beverage manufacturing plant to succeed long-term, it needs to build using an insulation product that improves energy expenses.

Insulating a Walk-In Beer Cooler and Bar Cooler

A brewer from north Georgia contacted PermaTherm with a renovation project. He had recently purchased an abandoned mill and wanted to convert it into a microbrewery and beverage manufacturing facility. His dream was to build a microbrewery and tap room where customers could come for tastings and take products home. He wanted to preserve the architectural history of the mill, but make it a modern, food-safe facility.

He specifically needed a commercial walk-in beer cooler for storage, as well as a bar cooler for his taproom. His project created the challenge of maintaining the original façade while converting the space into a safe and efficient beverage manufacturing operation.

A PermaTherm panel consultant visited the mill for a consultation and helped the brewer create an insulation plan for his retrofit. An architect from PermaTherm’s Network of Tradespeople partnered with the brewer to maintain the vintage style he desired while delivering functional coolers.

With the help of a vetted PermaTherm panel installer, the brewer was able to create the commercial walk-in beer cooler and bar cooler he needed for his microbrew.

Insulating Your Beverage Facility?

Leverage our expert team and our partner network to ensure the best solution for your project.

Insulating Your Beverage Manufacturing Facility with PermaTherm

PermaTherm’s insulated panels are an innovative solution for retrofitting vintage buildings and turning them into walk-in beer coolers, bar coolers, and beverage manufacturing facilities.

With over 30 years of servicing microbreweries, craft distilleries, and bottling projects under our belt, PermaTherm’s professional experience in beverage manufacturing helps business owners maintain the integrity of their existing structures while accommodating processing needs.

PermaTherm Panels feature a Z-lock connection system, delivering an airtight facility that saves on overall energy cost. By mitigating moisture intrusion and air loss, coolers and freezers can perform optimally while lowering the costs of energy consumption. Featuring an easy-to-install z-lock connection point, PermaTherm’s insulated metal panels slide together creating an impenetrable seal.

When you engage Permatherm, our partners become your partners. PermaTherm is More Than Just a Supplier – We’re a Partner From start to finish, we’re here to ensure your project goes above and beyond your expectations.

While we do not install, we do have a team that recruits and trains installers and trades that best match the needs of each client. PermaTherm has an active database of trade partners. They share our core values. Their specialties include General Contracting, Sub Contracting, Design Build, Mechanical Engineering, and Refrigeration to name a few.

Our team of experts is available to provide answers to any questions you may have about insulating your beverage manufacturing facilities. Reach out to our team at 706-623-0530 or go to our contact page to get the conversation started.