Over the years, we have found that many business owners begin fighting the rising energy cost of their facilities by analyzing how much power the building uses, focusing on heating/cooling systems and lighting. However, by concentrating on building management they ignore the true culprit: the building’s overall efficiency. By developing an environmentally friendly insulated metal panel system, PermaTherm’s wall panels fight energy consumption and waste head on.

Our products help create metal building systems that perform better than buildings fabricated from traditional construction materials. By creating a high-performance environment that requires less energy than traditional buildings, businesses no longer rely heavily on their heating and cooling systems to maintain temperatures. Instead, the high efficiency of the building itself aids in overall waste and energy reduction.

PermaTherm has helped the insulation industry build efficient building systems for over 33 years, with eco-friendly panels that positively impact the environment. Our insulated panels decrease the overall energy demand of a building – not just from the start of construction, but for lifetime of the business.

PermaTherm’s Insulated Eco-Building Wall Panels

PermaTherm’s eco-safe wall panels do not contain CFCs or HCFCs in our materials our throughout our manufacturing process, as we strive to provide an array of environmentally conscious building materials for our clients.

In addition to increasing overall efficiency, our building panels are recyclable, or made from recycled content, and pollution-reducing. Many competing panel products are not recyclable; instead, the waste is sent to landfills. Furthermore, our insulated wall panels are custom-made to order, removing on-site waste.

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