PermaTherm’s highly thermally efficient insulated panel systems, comprised of our durable, environmentally friendly cold storage panels, are ideal for several applications. Whether you need to cool produce, poultry, beef, shellfish, or floral products, our panel systems are more effective than traditionally constructed coolers or freezers as our insulated metal panels cool products quickly, reduce heat loss and improve product shelf life.

We spoke with a prospective client recently who was interested in using cold storage panels to refrigerate his produce. His neighbor was utilizing our heat-resistant insulated panel systems to cool his crops, and our prospect became curious about how our panels could improve the life of his yield. His cooling methods were not as effective as his neighbor’s; he compacted his products and covered them with ice on the bottom and the top, which damaged the crops in the middle as they cooled much more slowly than they would have in a thermally controlled insulated metal panel system. His neighbor, on the other hand, picked his cabbage, stacked it within his temperature-controlled cooler, and cooled his crops quickly and evenly to 35 degrees, resulting in less waste and/or damaged products, a longer product shelf life and bigger profit margins.

PermaTherm’s cold storage panels offer superior thermal efficiency, reducing thermal bridging (heat loss) that conventionally constructed buildings often face. Unlike traditional construction methods, insulated panel systems do not have gaps in the insulation, enabling the coolers, freezers, and refrigerators to quickly remove the field heat out of produce, so products are shipped in a much better quality and condition.

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Energy-Efficient, Mold Resistant Insulated Panel Systemscold storage panels

There are numerous reasons why insulated panel systems are superior to conventional construction methods for cold storage applications. Often, individuals build a cooler or a freezer using concrete block walls or isolate an existing room inside of a traditionally constructed building with the intent to use this room for refrigeration. However, it requires a lot of energy to bring the temperature in this room or space to the preferred refrigeration levels. To resolve this inefficiency, our cold storage panels are tightly thermally controlled, offering 10″ panels and an R-value of 48, which reduces energy costs (and heat loss) because the compressors and chilling units do not have to run as long or as hard.

Additionally, because cold storage facilities must also be extremely hygienic as they often store food products, our highly washable cold storage panels are designed to meet FDA regulations and USDA conditions and are extremely resistant to stains and mold growth. In conventional buildings, there are often holes or gaps in the insulation, which trap moisture and promote the growth of mold and mildew. However, PermaTherm’s insulated panel systems are airtight, enabling clients to control and dehumidify the air and create an environment in which mold cannot grow.

PermaTherm’s cold storage panels perform even better in cold environments as they increase in R-value as temperatures drop. Coupled with our rapid construction times, the strength and durability of our insulated metal panels the customizable choice of exterior skins and ease of installation, our insulated panel systems are designed to save you time and maximize your profits.

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