PermaTherm Announces Gen 4 Poly-Iso Panels with New Perma-Core Line

PermaTherm is proud to announce that we are now taking orders for our newest offering, PermaCore panels. This new line of poly-iso panels – which are currently available to be quoted and ship as early as February – provide maximum R-value per inch, meet the highest EPA standards, and eliminate the requirement for on-site notching thanks to our cutting-edge PermaShield technology.

“PermaTherm’s new poly-iso machine houses the most current, state-of-the-art technology of any panel machine in the nation.”

– PermaTherm President, Keith DeVore

PermaCore panels can be used across a multitude of applications, including food processing, growing environments, clean rooms, and cold storage. With Perma-CORE, you can choose between two panel-joint options:

  • PermaCore HF  The hidden fastener joint for a variety of uses including exterior walls.
  • PermaCore CS  – The Cold storage joint, which virtually eliminates air entry/loss and thermal bridging.


PermaTherm Announces Gen 4 Poly-Iso Panels with New Perma-Core Line

PermaShield Technology

Any cold-storage solutions expert worth their salt would tell you that notching your panels is a must-have in your project. At PermaTherm, we offer this notching, and we are the only panel company that does so for either joint.

Thanks to our newest poly-iso machine, we are proud to announce that the money, manpower, and time spent notching panels on-site can be a thing of the past with our factory-notching PermaShield technology.

PermaTherm Announces Gen 4 Poly-Iso Panels with New Perma-Core Line

Only Perma-CORE delivers factory-direct notched freezer panels.  The ultimate way to prevent thermal bridging and save you countless hours of field cutting!

PermaCore & Our Commitment to Community

Our excitement behind this announcement comes from far more than a new piece of equipment, although it is a beautiful machine. At PermaTherm, our impact on the communities we touch is one of our core values. With this in mind, we are thrilled to better serve our customers and partners.

Furthermore, as this new manufacturing capability will be hosted at our plant in Monticello, GA the impact will be felt by our immediate community as well as in the communities of our rich manufacturing and installation partner network around the state and the country.

“We are excited that this expansion of our facilities and product line will have a significant impact on the families in our community and in our diverse partner network for many generations.”

Ken Madren CEO

Our team is currently accepting orders of this new line, with shipping dates starting as early as February. To learn more about our PermaCore panels, call 706-623-0530 or reach out using our contact page.