With its gleaming metal beer tanks, exposed brick façade, minimalist-style patio, and vibrantly colored wall murals, Dr. Scofflaw’s tap room in Atlanta hardly seems like the place to showcase something as common as a walk-in cooler. A vital piece of equipment for a brewery or bar cooler, a commercial walk in beer cooler with its stark white walls seems practical – not pretty. 

In the hands of Josh Jameson, local Atlanta artist, the simplicity of the insulated panels is an obvious advantage.

For the creative artist, the walk-in cooler is constructed from a perfect canvas: a polar-white insulated metal wall panel. For a brewer, the IMPs food-safe finish and NSF certification guarantees a secure environment for breweries and tap rooms. For Scofflaw Brewing, PermaTherm panels were the ultimate insulation solution for both.

Built to accommodate over 70 taps, the walk in cooler is the focal point for the bar. Featuring renderings of Scofflaw’s beer cans and images of their mascot, the Scofflaw goat, the panels transform the bar cooler from a utilitarian necessity to a life size piece of art.

Scofflaw Brewing Commercial Walk In Beer Cooler
Commercial Walk In Beer Cooler Construction
Scofflaw Bar Cooler Construction
Inside Scofflaw Brewing Commercial Walk In Beer Cooler
PermaTherm Bar Cooler Panel
PermaTherm Panels and Scofflaw Taps in Bar Cooler

Bar Coolers and Food-Safe Panels

Sturdy and durable against frequent abrasion, PermaTherm’s insulated panels are the ideal backdrop for Scofflaw’s bar cooler. Meeting food-grade guidelines, PermaTherm’s IMPs are safe to use for breweries, beverage processing, and walk in coolers. Passing NSF International’s meticulous testing standards, PermaTherm brewery customers receive an insulating product focused on food-safety, environmental sustainability, and energy efficiency.

“The panels are super easy to clean, easy to wash down,” said Alex Sindicic, the bar manager at Dr. Scofflaw’s. “They hold up really well. The paint doesn’t chip. I mean, honestly, they hold up so well I don’t have to think about it – I don’t even think about it being an issue.”
Scofflaw Bar Cooler Bar Manager
Standing at 30’ x 16’ x 11’-6,” the commercial walk in beer cooler features PermaTherm’s 6-inch insulated wall panels. Constructed on the grounds of Atlanta’s The Works, an Upper Westside mixed use development for retail, dining, and entertainment, the bar cooler at Dr. Scofflaw’s serves the expanding neighborhood around the 80-acre community.

By using the commercial walk in beer cooler as a centerpiece for the tap room, the insulated panel walls deliver a dependable beer cooler that brings artistic animation to the facility.  The blank canvas of PermaTherm’s IMPs offers a reliable, food-safe product that meets the goals of a business thriving in a growing, colorful neighborhood.

“They [the panels] have worked really well for us, especially with having over 70 taps,” said Ladson Simmons, Scofflaw’s designer.

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