Insulating Food Processing Facilities with PermaTherm

Insulating food processing facilities and meat processing plants is key, as product spoilage and contamination can make or break the success of a business. Whether you are building a meat locker, poultry plant, creamery, brewery, or indoor farm you will require construction practices and materials that meet larger objectives: food safety, energy efficiency, and longevity. 

Food Safety 

At PermaTherm, food safety and the success of your project is at the forefront of our minds when manufacturing our insulated metal panels, so we have gone the extra mile to obtain the NSF International certification 

Our patented Z-lock connection creates an airtight, watertight, impenetrable seal – making installation complications a rarity. Moisture leaks that lead to condensation in a freezer can create a supply of unconsumable goods, but our secure Z-lock connection ensures the safety of your consumables.  

Furthermore, our insulated panels will not pollute food, water, or consumable goods, making it the ideal when insulating your food processing plants and distribution facilities. 

Energy Efficiency & Longevity 

PermaTherm’s NSF International certified panels not only exceed food safety guidelines, they also build energy-efficient facilities. Our insulated panels are made from virgin EPS, premium metals, and superior coatings, all designed to last the lifetime of your business.  

If you are in the market for insulated metal panels, consider the effectiveness and environmental sustainability of your insulated metal panels. Bearing the Green Guard Gold certification from Underwriter’s Laboratories, our IMPs offer business owners, contractors, architects, and engineers a greener option when planning a new cold storage facility. 

Need to Insulate Your Food Processing Facility?

Insulating a Variety of Food Processing Facilities 

Our insulated metal panel products are the preferred choice of contractors, business owners and architects who are designing various types of food processing facilities, including but not limited to: 

Meat Processing Plants 

Meat processing plants often require a variety of insulated rooms. Depending on the stage of processing, a meat processing plant needs to accommodate multiple functions. Whether you are installing a slaughterhouse, kill floor, meat locker, smoking room, or packing room, your meat processing plant must be equipped to handle a range of thermal needs and wash down requirements. Learn more about meat processing plants and panel insulation. 

Poultry Processing 

Due to the nature of poultry processing, attention must be paid to food safety and sanitation. Cold rooms must be equipped to handle frequent washdowns on top of maintaining a chilled environment. Read more about PermaTherm panels for Poultry Processing plants. 

Seafood Processing 

Aquaculture has become more prevalent when it comes to insulating food processing plants, as fish farming has moved more indoors. In addition to the moisture complications involved with indoor fish farming, fresh seafood is generally stored packed in ice. Because the insulated panel systems used for seafood processing must stand up to constant abrasion and wear, it is important to choose a product that is durable. PermaTherm’s plastisol panel coating delivers a long-lasting product, making it the ideal panel partner for rooms that undergo frequent washdowns. Learn more about pairing seafood processing plants with PermaTherm panels. 

Dairy Processing 

From milking parlors, to pasteurization, to packaging, each stage of dairy processing requires a temperature-controlled environment. Choosing a panel product that covers ambient to freezing temperatures, in a range of panel thicknesses, is a necessary choice for accommodating the different processes of a dairy plant.  Whether you are producing cheese, ice cream, or milk, choosing the right panel system for your plant will affect the freshness and quality of your product. Learn more about panel systems for diary processing. 

Indoor Farming & Fruit and Produce Processing 

Because produce is quick to perish, it is necessary that indoor farms and fruit and vegetable processing plants have an insulated panel system that optimizes cold storage from the harvesting stage to product shipment. Even with foods like onions or potatoes that require minimal refrigeration, a temperature-controlled environment is still essential for delivering freshness. Read about IMPs for produce processing and storage. 

Brewing, Distilling, and Bottling 

With the rising popularity of microbrews, distilleries, and bottling plants, flexible, reliable insulation systems have become even more popular as these craft businesses grow. Many brewers and bottlers are looking for an insulated panel option that will adapt to, or merge seamlessly with, an existing structure.   Learn more about finding a panel solution to fit your bottling plant. 

Insulating Food Processing Facilities: Making the Right Choice 

Before starting construction on any meat processing plant, food processing plant, or indoor farming facility it is important to choose an efficient, safe insulation. A panel consultant can offer guidance throughout the installation process. Without properly installing high-quality insulated metal panels, frequent structural damage and substantial inventory loss can adversely affect businesses utilizing walk in coolers and freezers. Give us a call and let us help with your next insulated panel project. 

Being involved with our customers is not something PermaTherm is afraid of; it is what we prefer!  Whether you are working on a cold-storage expansion, clean room, food processing facility, indoor grow, or need state-of-the-art walk-in cooler panels, we are here to help.