The dairy industry encompasses a broad spectrum of complexities – from “happy” cows (and other mammals) to “the best milk, yogurt, cheese, or ice cream” at the grocery store. The logistics and science of the dairy value-chain have advanced to the point that every movement and operation is now carefully controlled, from the environment in which the animal lives to the production of dairy-related products beyond milk. While we often think of dairy as coming from cows, it can also come from buffaloes, goats, sheep, llamas, and even camels.

While our clients, of course, know more about their distinctive dairy processes, PermaTherm has extensive experience in the entire dairy food chain. We also have experience assisting in the design of building envelopes and rooms that maintain temperatures and cleanliness at the various stages of dairy product processing. Our insulated panels not only enhance the dairy process, but also reduces energy requirements.

It is imperative that dairy producers (i.e. milk, cheese, or yogurt plants) are focused on freshness.  For dairy products to be fresh, their environment must be controlled – particularly the temperature.

Once the animals leave the milking parlor and the milk heads to subsequent processing (homogenizing, pasteurizing, aging, smoking, packaging, etc.), high-performance thermal controls are the key. The actual “rooms” at each stage are as much a tool as the process equipment itself. For instance, yogurt rooms may have the characteristics of a “walk-in cooler” in terms of temperature control – yet it must be more concise and better monitored. Cheese aging rooms, on the other hand, can be much more complex in terms of the environment- including smoking.

Large-scale or small-scale thermal control is a PermaTherm specialty. For over 30 years, our refrigeration panels have been utilized across the spectrum of the dairy-product process. Our panels help maintain thermal and cleanliness environments whether they be freezing, cool, ambient, or hot – all while considering mechanical abuse, abrasion, light reflectivity, federal 3A sanitary guidelines, and aesthetics.

PermaTherm can produce insulated metal panels in stainless steel or Galvanized, as well as offer a plastisol coating. 

We can additionally provide IMPs in a variety of thicknesses and finishes to outfit almost any dairy processing room application. The result is an exceptionally durable and hygienic facility.

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