Produce Processing and Insulated Metal Panels

Fruit and vegetable farmers and produce processors battle product spoilage daily.  Perishability is the number one complication facing produce farmers and processors. Fruits and vegetables are vulnerable commodities – without being stored in the proper environment, they spoil and rot quickly. Without a reliable insulation system designed to support the controlled temperature needs of produce processing, fruits and vegetables perish before reaching the consumer.

PermaTherm insulated metal panels offer a reliable insulation system that reduces spoilage from inconsistent temperature controls. The R-value of PermaTherm IMPs remains consistent over the lifetime of your fruit processing or vegetable processing facility. We manufacture a dependable panel that produce processors can rely on to deliver steady temperatures throughout their facility.

Produce processing facility with insulated panels
Frozen vegetables in a vegetable processing facility

Walk – In Coolers, Freezers, and Produce Processing

Speed and freshness to market are the keys to brand success. From the field to the freezer a farmer needs to know that his product can be kept at the right temperature throughout the handling process. Cooling, freezing, blast freezing, and packaging all demand specific temperatures. PermaTherm IMPs meet those demands by delivering a flexible, airtight, watertight thermal system through every stage of produce processing.

Insulated metal panels by PermaTherm can support any phase of complex fruit and vegetable processing including problematic activities like:

  • Bagged Salads: Bagged salads require a low temperature facility where workers chop, blend, bag, and ship with multiple package components included. These processes require varying temperatures, UV enhancements, high humidity, and spray.
  • Onions: Onions primarily need cool, dark, dry rooms to prevent mold and sprouting.
  • Mushrooms: Mushrooms need exceptionally high humidity to thrive and are susceptible to speedy deterioration. Because of the natural bacteria and fungi in the mushroom, temperatures must be kept cool and consistent to slow down potential spoilage.

Ready-to-Cook Produce: Blast freezing rooms have specific thermal needs for delivering a ready to eat product to frozen food sections of the market.

Fruit Processing, Produce Processing, and Food Safe Panels

For over thirty years, PermaTherm has provided quality insulated metal panels directly to fruit and vegetable farmers and produce processors. Our proprietary panel system delivers sustainable temperatures, food-grade paint systems, and backed by an NSF certification guaranteeing a safe environment for fruit processing and vegetable processing.  

PermaTherm panels are sturdy, featuring an easily cleanable surface that won’t deteriorate. Our panel finishes hold up against frequent abrasion and cleaning.

Our panels deliver a food-safe insulation option for:

  • In-field storage
  • Small and large-scale farming
  • Produce processing and manufacturing
  • Product packaging

Fruit processing and vegetable processing facility can rely on PermaTherm panels for stable, safe, and clean coolers and freezers.