You’re a contractor with the skills, team members, and dedication to get the job done right – now, you just have to get the job. The first step in securing a cold storage construction or vertical farm job is establishing the ability to create a tactical proposal for a cold storage project. Knowing how to strategically construct a winning bid increases your odds of securing quality opportunities and improving your bid-to-win ratio.

1. Start with the Basics: Cold Storage Construction? Vertical Farm?

Insulated Metal Panel Contractor for Hydroponic Farm or Cold Storage Construction

Ready to bid on an upcoming cold storage construction or vertical farm job? Make sure to include the basics about you, your company, and incorporate relevant information about the project, like:

  • Who is the bid proposal for?
  • What is the project? Is it a cooler? Freezer? Indoor grow room?
  • What are the needs of the project?

Make a point to prove your understanding of the project. Is the project for a walk-in cooler that requires a suspended ceiling system? Is it to retrofit an existing building for a vertical farming project? Be sure to include the relevant details to the project overview. Establishing you have a thorough grasp of the project betters your chances of winning the job.

2. Leverage Your Resources with Indoor Farming Professionals

The second step to creating a successful bid proposal is to outline the Scope of Work. In addition to summarizing what’s needed for the job, the Scope of Work offers an opportunity to demonstrate to your client your unique qualifications for an insulated storage construction job. But, before diving headfirst into this detailed section of your proposal, give your panel consultant a call.

A panel consultant can highlight the best methods for addressing any issues facing the construction of an insulated metal building system, as well as provide insight and knowledge regarding insulated systems.

Utilize your access to an industry professional. By bringing in a panel expert to meet with the business owner, architect, or engineer, you can increase your own credibility while bettering you chances at securing the job.

3. Create a Timeline for Your Cold Storage Construction

It’s important that your bid proposal includes a complete timeline for the facility, whether it is a new construction or an expansion of an existing insulated space. How long do you expect the job to take? Are there extenuating circumstances? What other factors should be considered?

4. Include a Cost Breakdown

What products and installation equipment will you need? What about pricing for piping, HVAC, sprinkler systems, lighting, etc.? In addition to an itemized breakdown of materials, add in the total cost of completing the cold storage facility or indoor grow setup.

5. Wrap it Up

Take the time to edit and proof your proposal carefully. Attention to detail within your bid proposal can be a subconscious indicator to the project owner of your overall competence in constructing insulated metal building systems.

If you find yourself as a final candidate for a cold storage construction or vertical farm job, you may enter an “interview” process. Be prepared from this point forward to present your bid in person. And good luck!

PermaTherm’s goal is to provide you with everything you need to present a detailed, accurate, and comprehensive bid proposal including PermaTherm’s metal panel products.  For more information, check out our Resources.